Monthly Archives: June 2008

Nike Global Research Director for Vision Science, Dr. Alan Reichow

We all have those moments of greatness, when we have read the green just right, taken a risk and sunk that golf ball for birdie, or eagle. The X-factor in reading greens, and putting in general has a lot to do with how well you can see. On episode #23 of Golf Better @ Edwin Watts Golf, Dr. Alan Reichow, Nike's Global Research Director for Vision Science, and developer of Nike's IC Putter, discusses how he uses that science to make better golf clubs, and all of the variables that come into play from glare to lies, and a whole lot more.

Pt2: Hybrid and Fairway Wood Technology, with Tom Olsavsky

Like a great game of golf, it’s a subtle science and precise art fitting different people for the club that is right for them. And apart from the technical aspects of it, the sound a club makes as it strikes the ball is integral to the overall feel of the club. TaylorMade Golf’s Senior Director of Product Creation, Tom Olsavsky, continues his discussion with hosts Fred Greene and Kenny Nicholson, on hybrid and fairway wood technology, fitting, the feel of the club, and much more on episode #22 of Golf Better @ Edwin Watts Golf.