Monthly Archives: September 2008

Mizuno Iron Technology, with Director of R&D David Llewellyn

Mizuno is introducing four new lines of irons for 2009 that are on the cutting edge of technology, including a hybrid that is designed so that most of the weight is dispersed through the perimeter of the club, allowing for superior balance in your swing. On episode #29 of Golf Better @ Edwin Watts Golf, David Llewellyn, Golf Club R&D Manager of Mizuno USA, discusses what's new in the world of irons to help you achieve your lowest score.

Jesse Ortiz of Bobby Jones Golf, Part II

A golf swing can be awkward and unnatural, however when golfers are introduced to the golf club that is right for them, the marriage can lead to extraordinary things. Jesse Ortiz has made a career out of trying to pair the right golfer with the right club, and on episode #8 of Golf Better @ Edwin Watts Golf, the COO and Chief Designer for Bobby Jones Golf continues his discussion of club design, USGA rulings, and much more.