Monthly Archives: March 2010


In this episode, GolfBetter Host Tom Brassell and Technical Specialist Kenny Nicholson talk with Wilson Staff's Global Director of Research and Development, Mr. Bob Thurman. Mr. Thurman discusses in detail the new lineup of Wilson products. Bob also talks about Wilson's unique way of product positioning; the “C” line, “D” line and “F” line of clubs and balls, and which line is the best fit for various types of golfers.


Episode #68 is dedicated to golf balls, as GolfBetter Podcast host Tom Brassell and technical specialist Kenny Nicholson talk with Mr. George Sine from Titleist Golf in this episode. George is the Vice President of Golf Ball Marketing and Stragegic Planning for Titleist, and discusses in detail the new Titleist DT SOLO, NXT and NXT Tour Balls and talks about how to fit the right ball for your game. Mr. Sine also offers some free Titleist balls for a couple of lucky listeners who register to win. Tom and Kerry also announce the winner of the TaylorMade Driver from GolfBetter Episode #67